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S ystem Works  more PRECISELY

is the unique interlocutor able to satisfy a range of needs, from the most complex technical and industry and the tertiary sector, up to bespoke residential ones.
System works is a partner which keeps the motivation and professionalism of those who wish to offer a service of excellence guarantee which covers in detail:

• Electrical lighting and motive power
• Video Surveillance
• Videoconferencing
• Closed circuit TV
• Smoke detection
• Intrusion Detection
• Data Network
• Telephony
• Access Control
• Medium voltage Cubicles
• Radio and Television Systems
• Sound diffusion Systems
• Supervision and Management Systems
• Systems for air conditioning systems
• Mechanical Systems
• Photovoltaic systems
• Automation Systems
• Home automation systems
• Renewable energy Systems

Technical assistance: all the solutions proposed include support and maintenance to ensure optimal functionality of installed equipment.

the first Objective: total quality

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The concept of quality related to electrical installations, includes four essential features: safety, efficiency, and service work. On each of these fronts System Works has acquired a solid experience, perfected and more sophisticated methodologies and effective and constantly updated technologies.
But total quality also means:

  • Professional Trade Organization,
  • timeliness and accuracy in the execution,
  • use of certified materials,
  • customer orientation as a prerogative.
Testimony of this corporate commitment is, of course, the international quality Certification "UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000" and the "SOA" certification for different categories, but especially the growing and constant success of implants in the System.

one Staffdedicated to PROJECT

The project is the first phase of a system and need to know the final requirement of the customer.
Our study looks at personal advice by type of activity; It also proposes periodic maintenance plans for the plant.
Modern technologies and technicians of proven experience and professionalism, enabled the design and endorsement for the release of the documentation provided for by the regulations, these are the key elements of that System uses Plants to obtain excellence in processing step.

work with METHOD

production etc.EXTERNAL

Fundamental and is choosing to operate with their own specialized personnel able to perform State of the art electrical installation with the consequent reduction in maintenance time and costs.

production etc.INTERNAL

Plant System is dedicated to the manufacture of switchboards and protection, assembled at its own internal workshop, guaranteeing finished product with EEC marking and testing in compliance with the law.

>>job management and ASSISTANCE after-sales service

Both stages of production are coordinated by the contract Manager who follows the realization of electrical installations taking care of the relationship with the client, work direction and design users. The company's professionalism is confirmed to work with the issuance of the certificate of inspection, supported by all the technical and legal documentation.