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Space in which individual needs of comfort and security are blended with those of relationship with others.
The type of light that influence your mood and can contribute positively to the balance of the vital functions, the stereo and sound up to television, to find the right size for your relaxation and leisure time, without neglecting the relief of a secure home.

[ And ... commercial, hotel and ENTERTAINMENT

The illumination of these places is vital not only to ensure the unfolding, in absolute safety, the tasks typical of these places but takes on particular importance when a pleasant staying in the environment; the pleasantness of fixtures, its optics will be drawn at the Visual effects you want to achieve.
In these structures have special significance the subservient to the supervisory system known as "Build Automation". They allow using dedicated software, intelligent management of the whole building.The use of wireless systems, Web connection, use, increasingly pushed of paid programming of access control, using POS payments, saving you get by checking simultaneously, in one place, all the firing of light fittings, enabling the same rooms, after the approval of the user, the control of all technological systems of air conditioning and health require the centralization of all functions in a single overall control system.


Create a structure and an environment to work in full efficiency, starting from the use of a suitable light for Visual sight, a fast data transmission, computerization is applied, ensuring energy supply sources and a professional internet and telephone connection. Adopt a whole series of solutions designed to achieve an optimisation of the internal productivity.


Ensure compliant electrical systems but also intervene on production costs is the objective for a sound and efficient management. Only a careful process of supervision and management of lighting installations, air-conditioning, heating and production allows to obtain relevant results on continuity of service and general costs. All without losing sight of flexibility and safety in the use of high power.

​[ ...Renewable energy and LED LIGHTING SYSTEMS ]

If you're thinking to a more sensible energy, you're already thinking of us.
Always, energy efficiency and environmental concern were the guidelines of our growth strategy, we have made a firm plant System sensitive to sustainable development principles and convinced the promoter of a culture that encourages correct and conscious use of energy resources.